Red State blogger says Gary Johnson or Austin Petersen is “the best choice for president”

RedState is a well known conservative blog whose writers typically support Republican candidates for office

By Leon H. Wolf,, May 4th, 2016:

I’ve said this a million times and I’ll say it again: I don’t owe Donald Trump, the Republican party, or anyone else my vote. Every election cycle, they have to earn it. I never signed a loyalty oath or a contract to always vote for the Republican, and even if I did, such a contract would be void as a matter of law, as it should be.

I’m a free person living in a Democratic Republic, and I only vote for candidates who deserve the office they are running for. That’s how this works. Granted, I ordinarily only vote for Republicans – and often, I vote for them not because they deserve it on their own merits, but because the Democrat alternative is so much worse. This election, I don’t even have that luxury presented to me; I genuinely believe that Hillary Clinton would be a better President than Trump, and it’s not close.

 That said, Hillary would also be a terrible President, there’s no doubt about that. Her tenure at State department was an unmitigated disaster and pretty much everything she has touched in her adult life has been either an abject failure or a major disappointment. Voting for Hillary isn’t a good option, or one that would even be considered in the absence of the direst of circumstances.

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