Lee Enochs: In Defense Of Austin Petersen: Answering Rocco Lucente’s Sugar Daddy Accusations


Austin Petersen

By Lee Enochs, May 5th, 2016 at LibertyConservatives.com:

Over the last year I have thoroughly enjoyed writing articles for the Liberty movement. I especially like writing about Rand Paul and have been inspired by the Kentucky Senator to defend liberty, the U.S. Constitution and the American Way.

However, from time to time, part of my job as a writer is to respond to articles written by my friends within the same Liberty movement. Unfortunately, today is such a day when I have to respond to my friend and colleague Rocco Lucente’s regrettable and tragic hit piece on Libertarian Presidential candidate Austin Petersen.

Mr. Lucente is a fine man and have no personal beef with him whatsoever, but I would like to postulate that Mr. Lucente has an obvious presuppostional bias and previously held negative disposition against Austin Petersen since nothing in Mr. Petersen’s past, including his alleged participation in a “sugar daddy” dating site warrants such virulent and vitriolic rhetoric against a friend of Liberty such as the most honorable Austin Petersen.

Over the last several weeks I have become friends with Mr. Petersen and believe he is a decent and hardworking man who is trying to make a difference for good in American society.

The charges and accusations leveled against Mr. Petersen by Mr. Lucente are baseless and without merit. In fact, they are laughable. Mr. Lucente conjectures that Mr. Petersen used a dating website, called “sugar daddy.” To this, I say so what? If Mr. Petersen allegedly used a dating website to meet potential members of the opposite sex, he would have joined millions of other law abiding Americans looking for love via cyberspace. There is no crime in that.

Read the rest of the article here.

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