Could This Be the Third Party Alternative You’re Looking For?

Darrell Castle

Darrell Castle

From Bob Eschilman at, May 5th, 2016:

So, you’re a committed Christian who wants to fulfill your obligation to vote in November, but can’t in good conscience vote for presumptive Republican Party nominee Donald Trump or either of the likely Democratic Party nominees.

The Constitution Party ticket of Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley would like to get your attention. Last month, at a party convention held in Salt Lake City, Utah, the strict constitutionalists were nominated to represent the principles of godly self-governance.

“If God raised me up and made me president of the United States, what I told the states, what I told you I would do, I will do, or die trying. So help me God,” Castle said in his acceptance speech.

Read the rest of the article here. 

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