Chuck Baldwin: Why Indiana gave Trump the GOP nomination

Chuck Baldwin

By Chuck Baldwin, 2008 Constitution Party presidential candidate – originally published on Facebook on May 4th, 2016:

I was born and raised in Indiana. I know the State well. I grew up there. I lived the first 20 years of my life there. I learned my core values there. I received my formative education there. And I can tell you that until the polling data was released a couple days before the primary election, almost nobody expected Cruz to lose. In fact, Indiana is a State where someone like Cruz should NEVER lose.

Indiana is not only a Red State; it is a CONSERVATIVE Red State. For the most part, Indiana is a bread and butter kind of conservative State–and it is deeply religious. Cruz, the most open “Christian” candidate of the entire field, should have easily carried the State. Instead, Donald Trump walked away with it–and it wasn’t even close.

When Cruz lost Indiana, he left the race: not only because he became a dark horse with the delegate count, but (more importantly) Ted knew that if he could not carry the Republican primary in Indiana, he had lost the philosophical race. It was all over.

As with many people, Hoosiers like people of faith and principle, but they don’t like people who parade it on their sleeve. Frankly, many Christians (including me) were fed up with Glenn Beck and Ted’s preacher-father.

All of Cruz, Sr. and Beck’s pontificating about Ted being the “anointed” presidential candidate who was going to usher in the Second Coming and how Christians were betraying God if they didn’t vote for Ted became too much. Add the insurrection against Phyllis Schlafly at Eagle Forum by Cruz supporters and Hoosiers had had enough.

If Ted had been as smart as people say he is, he would have told his father and Beck to please be quiet and would have publicly come to Schlafly’s defense. But his ego got in the way. Or, maybe he really believed what Beck and Pop were saying. Or maybe he truly is as ruthless as his campaign gave the appearance of being. Regardless, it didn’t play well in South Bend and Michigan City.

Yes, Trump had Bobby Knight. And, yes, Trump had the momentum of appearing to be 2016’s version of all of the anti-establishment predecessors in one very flamboyant package. Still, this was Indiana. The State was Ted’s to lose–NOT Donald’s to win. And Ted lost.

Let’s face it: Rand Paul should have been in the thick of the race throughout. But he let Trump steal his message–and his thunder. And Rand’s campaign crashed and burned early. In fact, Trump stole the thunder from EVERYBODY because he is saying what people want to hear and what the rest of the pack were too afraid to say.

People are fed up with Washington, D.C. They are fed up with foreign countries taking America’s jobs. They are fed up with neoconservatism. They are fed up with illegal immigration. They are fed up with traitorous trade deals. They are fed up with elitism.

Frankly, the more Donald talked, the more people liked him; and the more Ted talked, the more people disliked him. And especially the more Glenn Beck and Cruz, Sr. talked, the more people disliked him.

I’m not a Trump fan. There are some things about him that I really like. And there are some things about him that I really dislike. My remarks here have nothing to do with my support for Trump or the lack thereof. I am simply evaluating the situation as objectively as I can–especially given the fact that the race came down to my home State of Indiana.

I can tell you this: as a Christian pastor, I am glad Cruz is out. I was fed up with the holier-than-thou Glenn Beck and Cruz, Sr. (and yes, Ted, himself) too.

If Ted can swallow his pride and be a gracious loser, he might wind up on the Supreme Court. If not, he might find himself struggling to regain his seat in the Senate.

I know certain Christians are lamenting Ted’s loss in sackcloth and ashes. They think all is lost because Ted lost. But it’s not. Ted was never “anointed” to usher in the Second Coming or any such thing. NO human being is. And this foolish infatuation that some Christians have with trying to integrate Bible prophecy with national politics is a dangerous mix. And for that reason alone, Ted’s defeat is NOT a bad thing. Can you imagine what could have happened on the world stage if Ted had won it all? I shudder to think about it.


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