Augustus Invictus: Insurrection of Heaven & Earth

The following, written by Florida Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Invictus, was posted on Facebook on May 7th, 2016:

Ladies & Gentlemen! It’s good to be back in Tampa – a sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll city if I’ve ever seen one. I went to college here, you know. And before that I worked in a pill mill right next to a brothel. And like any resident of Tampa, I’ve got my war stories about the strip clubs here. I’ve got more history in the Bay Area than Al Capone. I mean, it’s Sin City. And that’s what you guys came out for tonight, right? LSD & sorcery; trap music & black metal; guns & strip clubs?
Hell yeah, because we are rebels! We put up our middle fingers and do what we want! We’re putting the “Party” back in Libertarian Party!
Or at least that is what you have been led to think of us. The media would have you believe that we Libertarians are drug-addled degenerates howling at the moon, wearing tin-foil hats. The media wants you to believe that everyone involved with this campaign is a racist stoner obsessed with anime & Live Action Role Playing. The media needs you to believe that we are a joke – because if the American people were to listen to what we are actually saying – not what is being filtered through the yellow journalists – it would be the death of the System that has fed these vermin all along.
Listen, I love drugs just as much as the next guy – more than the next guy. I love women to a fault. I am a modern American, for good and for ill, and I have never made any bones about that. I am a man of my time. But if you really think that sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll is rebellion, you’ve got another thing coming.
What sort of rebellion is it to smoke weed and go to the pool trying to get laid all day? Who are you even rebelling against? That is the dominant American culture now, if you hadn’t noticed.
What sort of rebellion is it to throw all your money away on strippers on cocaine? To spend thousands of dollars every year on festival tickets? To go down the street to Amp and roll your face off? You think the people in power give a damn about your raves? You think your Facebook status updates about free love, whitewashed spirituality, Netflix-&-chill is going to take down the System? You dream, like children dream.
Be proud of that: a child’s dreams are beautiful. But one day you will have to grow up if you want to fight the injustice in the world. You will have to grow sharp fangs and wild-hardened claws. You ravers and psychonauts and poets and artists are adorable little wolf cubs – and it is my aim to raise you up as war-bearing beasts.
When I was fourteen years old I had long hair, dressed all in black, wore my Nine Inch Nails & Marilyn Manson t-shirts to school. I was a harmless, teenage “rebel.” One day my father said something I have never forgotten. He said, “Son, the beautiful people rule the world, and there is nothing you can do about that. You can hate it all you want, and it won’t change a thing. I can hate gravity, but if I walk off a cliff, I am going to fall.” He said, “I hate the fact that I have to eat three times a day. It’s a stupid waste of time. But if I don’t sit down and eat, I will die.”
The moral of the story is that fighting a law of nature is self-destructive. You do not attack a system by dressing in weird clothing; you attack a system by putting on a suit, getting an education, playing the game, and then striking at the opportune moment. Brooding in your room with industrial music might be a great time, but I guarantee you that neither Barack Obama nor Donald Trump are going to care one whit about what you have to say. Nor will the special interests backing them give you the time of day.
And this is what I would discuss with you this evening: the true meaning of rebellion.
Let me tell you another story, about a different sort of rebel. When he was fourteen years old, he wasn’t pouting in his room about how horrible the world was. No, at fourteen Samuel Adams went to Harvard. His rebellion against parental authority was in studying politics instead of pursuing the ministry. He studied the writings of John Locke and wrote his master’s thesis on violent political resistance. He began a newspaper, organized boycotts, and eventually took a hand in leading the Boston Tea Party. That is rebellion. It’s amazing what a man can accomplish without marijuana and television.
This notion of thug life and rock ‘n’ roll and rave culture being rebellion against the System is just plain silly. These things are popular precisely because self-indulgence and apathy benefit the System. And it’s been that way since the Beatles: “You say you want a revolution. Well, you know, we all want to change the world. But when you talk about destruction, don’t you know that you can count me out? Don’t you know it’s going to be alright?”
In other words, don’t fight for change. Don’t fight for a better life. Just get high and relax, man. Everything will work itself out. And don’t think about destruction. We need a positive revolution, a peaceful revolution, a revolution of peace and love.
You have been sold the same hippie nonsense for half a century. Today we say we’re going to vote in a utopia with Bernie Sanders. Everything is going to be free! Everyone is going to love each other and be treated equally! No possessions, no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man, all the people sharing all the world! You can smoke your weed, the gays can get married, the gender fluid can use whatever bathroom they want!
Forget about that private bank over there controlling our country’s money supply and wrecking the economy.
Forget about lobbyists writing their own legislation and paying our politicians to push them through Congress.
Forget about the destruction of our nation by the globalists inside our borders.
Forget about the pollution of our soil, water, and air by corporate greed and mindless consumerism.
Forget about the military-industrial complex, the local police driving tanks, the fifteen-year War on Terror, the four-decade War on Drugs, the literal war on the American people by our Government.
What I want is that which is best for America. I want to end the War on Drugs, implement a non-interventionist foreign policy, correct the financial crisis, protect our homeland, demilitarize our police, restore States’ rights, restore the rights to freedom of speech & association, the right to bear arms and the right against warrantless searches and seizures.
I want to end the reign of terror of the FBI, the ATF, the US Marshals, the DEA, the IRS. I want to abolish the Federal Reserve and repeal laws that benefit special interests rather than the American people. “But don’t pay attention to that,” says the media. “Pay attention to goat blood and hedonism.”
Forget about the Bill of Rights and the separation of powers and all that boring nonsense.
Forget about the anti-American policies our Government pursues in the Middle East.
Forget about the dismal state of our children’s education.
Forget about that nineteen trillion dollars in debt they will have to pay when they grow up.
Forget about the fact that mass immigration ends entire civilizations and that our politicians and those financing them are pushing such a policy deliberately.
Just turn on the newest Drake track, light a joint, and play some Fallout 4. Just get high and relax, man. Everything will work itself out. What we need is be a peaceful revolution.
Ginsberg saw the best minds of his generation destroyed by madness; I see those of mine destroyed by apathy. The world is no less corrupt than it was a half century ago – and yet the people have come to accept its corruption, as they harbor some ill-informed faith in the inevitability of progress.
Revolution is not a feel-good hippie fest. It is literal war against the corrupt agents of your Government. Revolution requires steel discipline & iron will, self-sacrifice & selfless devotion. Revolution is an overturning, and an overturning is always disruptive, a breaking a part, a breaking to pieces. It is the Christ’s overturning of the money changers’ tables in the Temple of God, the overturning of the earth so that the darkened land may face a new dawn.
Rebellion is not casting a vote in a ballot box. The word is from the Latin rebellio, a renewal of war. In our case, it is a renewal of the war begun by our forefathers against the Crown of England. It is the renewal of the everlasting war between freedom and tyranny. It is a renewal of the eternal war between the World of the Spirit and the Grey World of Man.
Insurrection is not turning away from your responsibilities. The word is from the Latin insurgere, meaning to rise up. We must rise as a dry wind from the desert. We must rise as the waters of a coming flood. We must rise as soldiers from sewn dragon’s teeth. We must rise as fire from the ashes of the Empire.
To end a corrupt System you must fight it, not with ballots, but with bullets; not wallowing in beer, but striving in battle. If you are sick of getting nowhere with your nights at the bar with your apathetic friends, come and join our long campaign.
All of you artists, musicians, poets, psychonauts, and sculptors; all of you philosophers, scientists, and engineers; all of you computer geeks and hackers; all of you MMA fighters and survivalists and hunters: our movement needs you. We need your creativity and your expertise, your vision and your strength. But before this we need you to wake up to the world around you and throw away your hopelessness.
A life awaits you that you have not yet known. It is a life that perhaps you dreamt in youth but lost along the way: a life of purpose, of freedom, of adventure. Surely it is also a life of heartbreak and of hardship – but what life is without these things? The choice is not whether to escape pain and suffering – which are inescapable no matter how many drugs you do, no matter how many beds you jump into, no matter how many concerts you attend. Rather, the choice is whether to live a meaningful life or a meaningless one; whether to give your life to a cause or to devote it to selfish pleasures.
The human experience cannot be reduced to wage labor and concrete highways, bank fees and utility bills, fast food and antidepressants, sitcoms and idle chatter on the radio. Have we become insects that all we have left is to swarm and buzz in our artificial hive?
I want something grand. I want something powerful. I want something that will resound with meaning throughout the ages. And in a society that sanctifies mediocrity, weakness, and meaninglessness, these are revolutionary aspirations.
You need not agree with every point of my political platform. The beauty of Libertarianism is that we are at liberty to agree to disagree. This is larger than one or two policy points, and I want those of you who can see that to join me in an act of true rebellion. I call you forward for total insurrection.
Brothers & Sisters: The fire rises.

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