Talk of Jill Stein as Sanders alternative continues as she hits halfway point to Green nomination

Green Party Watch, May 8th, 2016:

JStein_298x262xJill Stein is halfway to the Green Party presidential nomination after the results of the Maine Green Independent Party caucuses held earlier this year were announced at the state party convention Saturday. Stein won the backing of nine delegates, bringing her total to 101 of the 202 needed for victory at the national convention in Houston in August.

Meanwhile, discussion of Stein as an alternative for supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders continues online.Bustle looks at some of the key differences between Stein and Sanders on issues including guns, drugs, and the Middle East, writing that “if Sanders wants to sustain the grassroots political movement that he has helped to build, then his best bet might be to help the Green Party poll high enough to be included on the debate stage and receive federal funding in the next election.”

Vice lists some presidential contenders “not named Trump or Clinton” and says that “for a lot of people, backing Stein over Clinton is the ethical choice, like eating local or putting solar panels on your roof.” Bernie Quigley writes at The Hill that “America needs four parties,” calling Stein “very able and well-presented,” as well as “already formidable.”

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