Bob Ellis: Conservatives CAN Vote for a Conservative Presidential Candidate


By Bob Ellis,, May 10th, 2016:

Now that the people voting in the 2016 presidential primary have made it clear they’d rather have Barabbas, and the best candidate has suspended his campaign, what is left for conservatives to do?

Well, for one thing, we can’t just stay home and not vote–either in the primary or in the general election.  In some states, there are conservative U.S. Senate and House candidates who need support in both the primary and general elections.  And in most states, there are conservative governors, legislators, county commissioners, city councilmen, school board members, and other candidates who need the support of conservatives in the general and primary elections.  Every one of these elected positions is important, and the conservatives who put their time, money, reputation and heart on the line in an effort to protect our liberty and prosperity deserve, at a minimum, our vote if not our money and volunteer time.

But back to the 2016 presidential election. Unless something bold and unexpected happens at the Republican convention later this year, it looks like among the two major political parties, Americans will have a choice between a wealthy, corrupt, amoral Democrat who says one thing and does another, and a wealthy, corrupt, amoral Democrat who says one thing and does another.

In other words, not much of a choice.

But the opportunity to vote is an immensely important thing. For most of human history, and today in many parts of the world, people don’t have an opportunity to vote. Their leaders are forced upon them without even a hint of the consent of the governed. For us to squander such a precious opportunity when there was any opportunity to make a difference or even make a statement of dissent would be shameful.

It’s good that many conservatives don’t have to “leave it blank” in the presidential slot in the general election.

The Constitution Party has been around for several years, and though they are not on the ballot in all states, they are on the ballot in 18 states, including my state of South Dakota, and are working on getting on more.

Read the rest of the article here.

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