Gary Johnson wins Nebraska Libertarian primary

Gary Johnson handily  won’s yesterday’s Libertarian Party presidential primary in Nebraska. With 1,451 out of 1,480 precincts reporting, here are the results from the Nebraska Secretary of State website:

Gary Johnson 364 votes 52.37%

Austin Petersen 130 votes 18.71%

John McAfee 119 votes 17.12%

Marc Feldman 47 votes 6.76%

Steve Kerbel 35 votes 5.04%

Total votes: 695

There was also a Libertarian Party primary to select the Libertarian nominee for Congress in the 2nd congressional district of Nebraska. Those results, with 262 out of 282 precincts reporting:

Steven Laird 96 votes 44.86%

Andy Shambaugh 84 votes 39.25%

Jeffrey Lynn Stein 34 votes 15.89%

Total votes: 214

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