Cantenuccio4: An open letter to the Libertarian Party delegates- Nominate Austin Petersen, don’t make the same mistakes the GOP has made


Austin Petersen

The following was published by on by a user named Cantenuccio4 on May 13th, 2016:

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Dear Libertarians-

I write this as a conservative who is a Christian first, American second, conservative third, and used to be Republican fourth.  Now I have no party affiliation due to my former party being taken over by a narcissistic, sociopathic, raging lunatic who forced himself on us like a drunk frat boy who wants to take advantage of an innocent sorority girl.

I’m not arrogant enough to think I understand your party or your principles better than you do, or to tell you what to do.  But I’m a student of history, and I’ve studied politics long enough to see patterns and trends, and to see when a party is making the same mistakes over and over again.  Based on that understanding, it would be remiss of me to sit back in silence and watch as you go down the very road my former party has gone down for decades.

So this is my sincere warning to you to change course before it’s too late.

You’re about to make an important decision for the future not only of your party, but for the country.

It appears you’re strongly considering giving your party’s nomination to Gary Johnson, the same guy who you nominated in 2012.  I have a simple message for you:

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2 responses to “Cantenuccio4: An open letter to the Libertarian Party delegates- Nominate Austin Petersen, don’t make the same mistakes the GOP has made

  1. Mr. Lesiak, It is unfortunate that there is so much fecal matter and other garbage brought to this list on the feet of various and sundry visitors and posters.
    But it is BEYOND reasonable legitimacy for you to visit OTHER people’s crappers, pick up their shit off the floor and bring it to our living rooms.
    Please STOP doing this or find another venue!


  2. Dave Terry, I’m sorry you feel that way. I have posted a rather large amount of posts about Petersen. Either way, your opinion is duly noted, as it’s my job to ensure the audience is satisfied. Hopefully you will stick around and find find more of what you’re looking for.


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