LNC chair candidate Charles Peralo invites prominent Republicans, including Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan, to Libertarian convention

Charles Peralo is one of four candidates for the the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) chair position. The following is from his Facebook page:


Today, May 11th, the Charles Peralo campaign formally wrote to over a dozen prominent Republicans who has publicly voiced discontent with the direction their party is taking. These Republicans have voiced despair with their fellow party members support of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump.

The campaign formally invited these individuals to attend the Libertarian National Convention in the coming weeks on Mr. Peralo’s dime, so that they might consider our presidential nominee, and maybe find a new political home. We want to grow our party, and introducing these people to our ideals is one of the best ways to do it.

The list of these names include the following:

– Speaker Paul Ryan
– Senator Ted Cruz
– Senator Susan Collins
– Senator Lindsey Graham
– Senator Rand Paul
– Senator Pat Toomey
– Senator Mike Lee
– Senator Marco Rubio
– Senator Jeff Flake
– Senator Ben Sasse
– Congressman Thomas Massie
– Congressman Mark Sanford
– Congressman Justin Amash
– Congressman Bob Dold

Senators Lee and Graham were the first to get back to the Peralo campaign stating that while they were thankful for the invitation, the convention, which is held May 26th-30th would conflict with prior travel arrangements. However, both wished the campaign the best of luck with the convention.

Whether or not one or any of these prominent Republicans will accept is yet to be seen. However, Peralo has shown that he is willing to show initiative with this bold move by extending the olive branch to these prominent and disenfranchised politicians.

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