Darrell Castle: Obama Administration Order to Public Schools is Illegal and Unconstitutional

2016 Constitution Party presidential nominee Darrell Castle


Darrell Castle says “We Must Show President Obama That He Is Not a Dictator”

On Friday, May 14th, a joint letter from the Department of Education and the Department of Justice was sent to the nation’s public schools with guidelines regarding transgender students.  The Obama Administration said these guidelines were designed to ensure that, “transgender students enjoy a supportive and nondiscriminatory school environment.”

Constitution Party 2016 Presidential Nominee responded with this statement,

“In regard to President Obama’s recent order to open public school restrooms and locker rooms to those who “identify” with that gender; I condemn the order and further state that it is illegal and unconstitutional. The states and school districts are under no obligation to obey it and I urge them not to obey it. Many states, speaking through their elected officials, have vowed defiance and I support that.

The Republican candidate has said he would leave it up to the states but that avoids the point that the order is illegal and without any authority.

This President may consider himself an absolute dictator but it is our duty to show him that he is not.

I pray that people will finally realize that the system doesn’t have to continue to disintegrate and divide. If elected, I will not permit that to happen.”


Campaign website: http://castle2016.com

Contact the campaign: karen@castle2016.com

Constitution Party: www.constitutionparty.com

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