Bob Whitaker: The Whitaker for President Campaign is now Independent

Email from the Bob Whitaker campaign:

Issue 2 | May 19, 2016

The Whitaker for President Campaign is now Independent

The Whitaker for President Campaign continues and it surges forward.

At the beginning of April Bob Whitaker and his then VP Tom Bowie made the decision to leave the American Freedom Party (AFP) due to the fact that the party was going off message.

The AFP’s whole approach is to get media attention, any media attention, but it doesn’t matter the ineffectiveness of the media reports. They also decided to moderate the message, choosing to go with “Physical Administrative Removal of Peoples of European Extraction”, instead of our most effective and VIRAL meme to date, WHITE GENOCIDE.

But Bob and his team didn’t want to stop there, since we have achieved so much exposure to White Genocide with Bob running for President.

Bob is now running an independent campaign, with no party affiliation and no VP. Tom Bowie has decided to stay on with the AFP. He is now their presidential candidate.

With Bob still being a candidate, we get all the same candidate benefits as an independent. We still get the “Equal Access Broadcasting” rights.

So we plan to use those rights.

With donations to Bob’s campaign we will be able to do more robocalls and reach hundreds of thousands of people with our message, while gaining considerable media attention at the same time.

With the equal access broadcasting rights, we also get radio ads for $10 per 30 seconds. These we can’t start until four months prior to the general election. Robocalls we can do now.

Bob’s campaign is far from over, and we plan to use it for as much as we can until November.

As Bob said recently “When the big news was the AFP having Jared Taylor speaking for them instead of me, MY big news was that ‘white genocide’ had just gone OFFICIALLY viral.” And, after watching the CNN show United Shades of America, which featured our billboard and people using our terms like pro-white and white genocide Bob said, “Lord, what can I say? We’re dictating the whole dialogue now.”

With your support we can continue to surge forward in exposing this anti-white system and its program of White Genocide.

Please Donate to Bob Whitaker for President 2016

Bob Whitaker for President Website

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