Byron Tau: Libertarian Convention Sees Unprecedented Interest from News Media

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Libertarian Party’s presidential nominating convention this weekend is seeing an unprecedented amount of media interest, as polls show Americans are increasingly curious about third-party presidential options.

Normally entirely ignored by most mainstream news outlets, about 250 individual reporters have requested credentials for the Libertarian Party national convention, which is being held at the Rosen Center Hotel in Orlando this weekend.

That’s compared with just 10 to 20 reporters that covered the party’s 2012 event, a party official estimated.

“When I came in 2008, a few outlets showed up for the vote itself — but that was it,” recalled one reporter who covered the 2008 party convention.

Delegates at the Libertarian convention will select the party’s standard-bearer for the fall election. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is considered the front-runner — though veterans of the process say that the conventions can be unpredictable. The Libertarian Party is expected to officially choose a nominee on Sunday.

Mr. Johnson has also tapped former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld as his potential running mate. He faces a stiff challenge from consultant and activist Austin Petersen, who is running on an anti-abortion platform. John McAfee, a tech entrepreneur, has also declared his interest in the race.

Read the rest of the article here. 

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