Gary Johnson and William Weld win post-debate LP convention straw polls

Libertarian Convention Debate Results Johnson & Weld Both Clinch Wins copy

From, May 27th, 2016:

The Libertarian Party National Convention officially starts Friday May 27th. The night before, following tradition, there is an unofficial Presidential and Vice Presidential debate. There are no CSPAN cameras at this debate and it, sometimes unfortunately, gets much more heated. Nonetheless, the first Libertarian convention debate is considered the last word before the convention officially begins and is named accordingly. It’s critically important for anyone seeking the Presidential and Vice Presidential nominations to make a good impression during this debate. Luckily for the front runners, that was the case. Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld both clinched wins during their respective debates.

Read the rest of the article here, the results, taken from the article, are below:

Presidential straw poll:

  1. Gary Johnson – 35%
  2. Austin Petersen – 24%
  3. Darryl W. Perry – 23%
  4. John McAfee – 13%
  5. Marc Allen Feldman – 4%
  6. NOTA – 1%

Vice presidential straw poll:

  1. Bill Weld – 38%
  2. Will Coley – 21%
  3. Larry Sharpe – 21%
  4. Alicia Dearn – 13%
  5. Judd Weiss – 5%
  6. Stewart – 1%
  7. Ron Paul – 1%


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