Mary Matalin: Austin Petersen for President


Austin Petersen

By Mary Matalin,, May 28th, 2016:

The two-party system is ready to fall. Is it possible to pinpoint when winning elections and supporting one’s principles became mutually exclusive enterprises for the GOP?

Sometimes I think that’s been the de facto organizing principle of the Republican party for so long that we’ve lost track of how we got here. What I clearly remember is why I became a Republican after (proudly) growing up as a working-class heartland Democrat: With the ascent of Goldwater and Reagan, the GOP embraced merit-based equal opportunity for every individual, while the party of my immigrant ancestors evolved into a vehicle for promoting equal outcomes for unequal and/or arbitrary inputs as determined by some always-changing (and never quite sensible) group-think process.

But after decades as a Republican, I’m now supporting Austin Petersen for the Libertarian party nomination, and for president of the United States.

My recent “woman-of-a-certain-age” shift from the GOP to the Libertarian party produced an uncomfortable flashback to an eager younger woman’s shift from the “People’s Party” (inhabited by all my besties) to the “Country Club Party” (populated with activists from another world). Same dynamic; same sad emotions.

Frustration, fear, and impatience with the GOP’s evolution away from the provably productive principles that attracted so many Baby Boomers is quantifiable across the conservative spectrum. Equally un-amused are mainstream Democrats whose party has fundamentally transformed into a failing, anachronistic, divisive throwback to a Wilsonian Utopian Technocracy.

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One response to “Mary Matalin: Austin Petersen for President

  1. I wonder if Matalin is familiar with some of Petersen’s Trumpian social media posts.


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