Frank Fluckiger: A Surge in Interest in the Constitution Party

A link to the following was posted on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page on June 2nd, 2016:

Dear Fellow Concerned Americans:

Since Ted Cruz suspended his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination and the more recent defeat of Austin Peterson in his effort to achieve the nomination of the Libertarian Party, we have had an influx of increased interest in the party.  The support has come from nearly every state of the union and we are grateful for this.  As national chairman of the Constitution Party, may I extend my sincere welcome to you.  Your interest in the party could not have come at a better time.  As you know we are seeking ballot access in as many states as possible.  We are currently on the ballot in 19 states and are seeking additional party recognition in North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, Washington, and Virginia.  This is a huge undertaking which requires significant amounts of funding and a lot of volunteers to help us gather the required number of signatures to gain ballot access in these states.

The urgent need for additional funding has never been greater.  To our current members we express our gratitude for you past and continuing financial support.  Again we ask that you donate to the party whatever amount you can (Click here).  To those of you who are new, we would also be grateful for donations in any amount that you can send.  If it is just $5.00, $10.00 or more we welcome that.  We have been thrilled with not only the increased number of donations from new people, but also the size of those donations.  Many have been received this past  month in the amount of $50.00, $100.00, $200.00 and even more.  I can not thank you enough for your generosity.  Where possible, your continued monthly financial support between now and the November General Election is critical and is deeply appreciated.

The number and size of your donations are a clear statement of your realization of the crisis that our nation is facing under the leadership currently being offered by the established parties.  Frequently our new supporters indicate how much in agreement they are with the Seven Principles of the party.  In particular if you are in a position to help get signatures please contact us and if not but are able to help financially in any way that would be deeply appreciated.  The growing interest in the party by so many new people is gratifying.  We just need to work harder and introduce many more of your like minded friends and family to the party.

For God, Family, and Country

National Chairman
Constitution Party

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