Tax Wall Street Party activists protest Donald Trump fundraiser, equating him to a Nazi

The following is a June 3rd, 2016 email from the Tax Wall Street Party:

TWSP/UFAA Morning Briefing for Friday, June 3, 2016


Hollywood, CA – May 28, 2016

At the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame on May 28, San Francisco and Los Angeles Tax Wall Street Party activists conducted a demonstration with the well-known sign “Trump = Nazi” in front of the Walk of Fame star bearing the name of the presumptive Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump. Sporting red “Trump = Nazi” hats mocking the red “Make America Great Again” hat Trump usually wears at his campaign appearances, the activists reported overwhelmingly positive responses to their efforts.

The activists explained in detail how Trump is a Nazi in the precise scientific sense of the term according to historical studies of fascism in its early phases in Italy and Germany.  They also gave a warning how a person like Trump with questionable mental health would present a clear and present danger to civilization if that person were to have access to the nuclear launch codes.

Trump was in town to tape an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show, and then to attend a fundraiser for local fat cats with admissions of $100,000 per couple and the home of Tom and Rachel Barrack, who are on the Colony Capital gravy train. The event was chaired by GOP party boss Reince Priebus.

Previously, on May 21, the TWSP had intervened at a Bernie Sanders rally in National City, just south of the San Diego naval base. Once again there were many positive reactions among Bernie supporters to the “Trump=Nazi” poster. TWSP activists urged Bernie supporters to push their candidate to start a serious political attack on the many ways Trump is an historical Nazi-fascist. Bernie was also encouraged to keep fighting all the way to the Philadelphia convention, especially if he performs strongly in California, as polls suggest he will. In any case, Ms. Clinton could be indicted or listed as a co-conspirator at any time, quite possibly knocking her out of contention.


TWSP Oakland, CA Local – May 30, 2016

Donald Trump has maligned Oakland, CA as “one of the most dangerous cities in the world”. Oakland is a city of about 415,000 east of San Francisco with one of the most diverse and progressive populations in the United States. Like all de-industrialized cities struggling to employ their population, crime issues can only be solved with jobs.

Trump’s lack of a concrete jobs program and demonization of America’s former urban centers belies his empty rhetoric about “making America great again.” Once known as the “Detroit of the West,” Oakland’s location gives it strategic value for a real American industrial program. Oakland used to be a powerhouse in automobiles, shipbuilding, metals and other industries. If Trump truly intended to beat China economically, he would recognize the need for this critical west-coast port city to produce high-quality goods for export.

A real program would include a general, protective tariff to level the playing field with low-wage Chinese and Mexican labor, and seizure of the Federal Reserve System to issue vast tranches of public credit to restore America’s ports, rail and other industries, and to lend at very low rates of interest to restore manufacturing to cities like Oakland.

Instead of advocating a plan to bring back jobs and improve infrastructure, Trump instead blew his racist”dog whistle” and what his supporters heard was: Oakland is full of “dangerous people of color who terrorize white Americans”.

Trump’s scapegoating of once industrial cities like Oakland and Detroit, solidifies his profile as a Fascist and a Nazi. Trump has no moral character, except where it may benefit him financially. He has no love for America or American working people. He has questionable mental fitness to be President, and his lack of policy will be exploited by his financier friends to pit America in a race to the bottom with low-wage nations. Trump attacks the unemployed, but never the financiers who have crippled Oakland with both free trade and vulture finance like the Interest Rate Swap derivatives that have destroyed the city’s budget.

Today, over 25,000 supporters went to hear the Democratic candidate for president, Bernie Sanders, at Frank H. Ogawa plaza, named for the Japanese civil-rights leader. The plaza sits in the heart of downtown Oakland. This dangerous city, according to Trump, on this day filled with cooperation, accord and conviviality.

Sanders supporters waiting in lines that stretched around many blocks. This outpouring of support for Sanders’ message in a hard hit area like Oakland shows that there is a better alternative to Trump’s fascism/ Naziism. TWSP Local activists held the “Trump = Nazi” poster to underscore that Trump’s message is not the American way out of this economic depression.

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