Brandy Baker: The Case for the the Green Party’s Passing of the Anti-Capitalist Amendment

By Brandy Baker,, June 6th, 2016:


On Monday morning, June 6, the Green National Committee (GNC) starts voting onAmendment 835: the Economic Democracy Amendment. This amendment calls for a new, democratically-run society where working people and communities have control and it rejects the old paradigms of capitalism and state-run socialism.

The passage of this amendment will make the Green Party effectively anti-capitalist. This would give the Party an influx of many new members who would bring a sorely-needed energy and vitality to the Party. We would likely become the party of the most important social movements of this country with time. The idea of an influx is not just an abstraction: we have proof that this will occur. Not only have 14 state parties and Green Party caucuses signed onto this amendment, a petition supporting Amendment 835 received over 1000 signatures in two and a half days.

Here is a sampling of those who say that they will join the Green Party if it passes:

Aimee from MD:
“I would be much more likely to devote time and energy to the Green Party if it was avowedly anti-capitalist.”

Chaya from MA:
“I cannot support the Green Party until they have fully taken this resolution and aim of anti-capitalism and socialist green liberation.”

Michael from NJ:
“The GP should lead the anti-capitalist trend rather than follow. We should recognize that grassroots democracy applies to economics as well as politics and clearly rehect the anti-democratic capitalist system.”

Read the rest of the article here. 

One response to “Brandy Baker: The Case for the the Green Party’s Passing of the Anti-Capitalist Amendment

  1. Al Hopfmann

    Is the Green Party still just the “Green” Party? I thought I had seen it frequently listed as the Green/Rainbow Party? What is the current name status?
    I ask this in part because this article about the Anti-Capitalist Amendment makes me think that it should be re-labeled as the Watermelon Party.
    I believe that Mr. Lesiak can explain it to any readers who don’t understand.


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