Constitution Party of Idaho: ‘Puzzled?’

Puzzled?Posted on the Constitution Party of Idaho’s website on June 6th, 2016

Well, on the national news front, our friends at report violent crimes are beginning to spike in America. Homicides, rapes, robberies are on the rise in major U.S. cities. Most notably Chicago and Los Angles.

According to the article, “experts can’t point to a single reason why.”

Far be it from us to submit, but perhaps the experts should take a good long look at the civilian work force participation rate, especially the participation of American youth. For the most part, they’re not occupied. They’ve got nothing much to do. Have little hope for improved circumstances anytime soon.

For the benefit of the experts, we provide a clue, as they apparently have none.  The latest chart on labor force participation in 16 to 19 year olds, tells the tale plain enough. And it’s not that we’re singling the youth out.  It’s just that the prospects for the youth are bleaker than the terrible work force numbers are for everybody else.

Labor force_Jun 2016

CP-Idaho has long advocated for something material, something tangible, something sensible in economic matters. Something which is not just mere ideological fury signifying nothing–to be produced by the national Constitution Party.

This state affiliate has certainly tried to do so by example, at least ever since the Meridian Conference in August 2013. On the other hand, the national party seems content to mire itself in semantic nothingness, in endless empty ideology that goes nowhere and does even less. That will not put the “new lost generation” back in the work force.

Juxtaposed to the sclerotic national party’s output, again by way of example–

CP-Idaho has called for incentivizing domestic investment and accelerating capital turnover in the economy, with depreciation models based on units of production rather than time, so as to lessen potential accounting abuses and actually put American back to work.

CP-Idaho has pushed for a reconsideration of regional hydroelectric development using smaller more advanced turbine designs and smaller pools, taking advantage of micro-technology mechanics…in conjunction with reprioritizing forest management in the arid West away from timber and toward water yield.

CP-Idaho has called for the support of regional recycling by encouraging the development of vertically integrated industrial users in small cities, in order to pull demand for recycled fiber and metals being reprocessed under “zero carbon footprint” using a more intelligent revitalized hydroelectric infrastructure.

CP-Idaho has pushed to reallocate the State(s) “rainy day” emergency funds, away from Federal Reserve currency and away from the few Wall Street suits who profit from these fund, and invest it in State mined-State refined bullion to vault here, and to benefit miners, industry and the local service businesses which support them.

CP-Idaho has championed support for an overhaul of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, to bring it into compliance with state boundaries, and to redistrict the Comptroller Districts on the same boundaries as the Council of State Bank Supervisors.

And these are merely a few examples. We have tried. God knows CP-Idaho has tried.

But the national Constitution Party has its own puzzled experts who talk endlessly about meaningless ideological tripe, and really have no evident intention to do anything more than that. Meanwhile, it seems another urban crime wave has begun to swell, as our own “experts” are too preoccupied on their parlor cushions with tea and croissants to notice. Monkey see. Monkey do, as it were.

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