Politico interviews Gary Johnson


Photo: Bridget Mulcahy/Politico

Zen and the art of trolling Trump

Mellow Libertarian Gary Johnson isn’t running for president — he’s running to be America’s bodhisattva in chief.

By Glennn Thrush, Politico.com, June 6th, 2016:

Gary Johnson, full-time Libertarian presidential candidate and onetime cannabis entrepreneur, only appears to be running on a happiness platform of high times and low taxes.

In fact, this ostentatiously chill 63-year-old is fueled, just like Donald Trump, by outrage over immigrants. Except he thinks they are getting a raw deal.
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Johnson was sitting placidly in a Manhattan hotel conference room last week — bodhisattva smile on lips, ear buds dangling around his neck — when I asked him whether he thought Trump was a legit small-government candidate. His grin dissipated like sativa smoke.
“Well, no, I don’t think [Trump] represents smaller government!” Johnson told me during a taping of POLITICO’s “Off Message” podcast. “I mean, just what he’s talking about when it comes to immigration, in a state that’s 50 percent Hispanic, are doors not going to be knocked on in New Mexico, my door included? But when they get to my door, gee, I’m white, so — well, but maybe we’d better check your basement or your attic to make sure that you’re not harboring any illegal immigrants. … Absolutely, it’s racist. When he calls Mexicans murderers and rapists, that is incendiary.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Read the full transcript of the interview here. 

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