Bob Haran: Give the People a Choice

Submitted today to ATPR by Bob Haran:

In this presidential election a lot of people are voting for Trump to vote against Clinton and a lot of people are voting for Clinton to vote against Trump. I wonder if we would elect better people to office if we voted for someone because we were for that person and not to vote against someone. Maybe more people would find someone to vote for if they were not limited to making a choice between just the Democrat and Republican parties and started looking at some of other parties, like the Constitution Party, the Greens, and the Libertarians. In a free society shouldn’t the people have as many choices as possible to decide from for who should represent them? And in a society with a free press does not that free press have a responsibility to help keep the people fully informed of all the parties and candidates wanting to represent them and where those parties and candidates stand?  The time has come to stop limiting the people’s choice to between the lessor of two evils. The people have a right to know about all the candidates and all the parties that want to represent them and not just the Democrats and Republicans.


Bob Haran,

Constitution Party of Arizona.


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