Green Party Presidential Hopeful Jill Stein Wants to Let OC Know She’ll Keep the Revolution Going

Jill Stein

OC Weekly
By Gabriel San Roman
June 6, 2016

Bernie Sanders ain’t the only Jewish candidate and Hillary Clinton ain’t the only woman running for President of these United States. Dr. Jill Stein is gearing up to represent the Green Party in the race like she did in 2012. The Harvard Medical School graduate is a practicing physician who has a diagnosis for what’s politically ailing America: the two-party system.

She challenged the status quo four years ago, but many people in the U.S. never had the chance to hear her message. It wasn’t for a lack of trying. Stein got blocked from participating in the presidential debates, showed up anyway and got hauled off in handcuffs for her troubles. This time around, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is championing many platform issues that overlap with the Green Party but has gained more media attention by deciding to run from within the Democratic Party. Sanders promises a contested convention after tomorrow’s primary elections in California. Stein has penned an open letter to voters in the state urging independents to “Feel the Bern.” But should Hillary Clinton officially become the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Stein is offering Sanders and his supporters a home in her party and campaign to keep the revolution going.

The Weekly spoke with Dr. Stein ahead of her speaking event in Santa Ana this evening where she’ll discuss the pitfalls of the two-party system and her Power to the People plan.

OC Weekly (Gabriel San Roman): Let’s begin with the Green New Deal central to your candidacy. How can it lift folks from the lingering economic trauma of the Great Recession?

Jill Stein: They tell us we are in a recovery but for most people it’s still an economic emergency. The jobs that have come back are low-wage and insecure. People are really hurting. We’ve been here before and we used a New Deal to get out of the Great Depression. We know how to do this. We can create jobs and solve two emergencies at once. We have an economic emergency and an environmental emergency, especially with regards to the climate. With this Green New Deal, it will create 20 million jobs focused on greening our energy, food and transpiration systems. In the process we revive the economy, turn the tide on climate change and we make wars for oil obsolete so we can put our money into true security here at home. This a win, win, win all around!

Read the rest of the article here. 

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