Jill Stein: Help us get on the Illinois ballot!

From an email sent today by the Jill Stein campaign:

Jill 2016

Dear —,

Because you want an economy that works for all of us and an environment that humans can thrive in until the end of time, I wanted to keep you in the loop on the fight for Illinois ballot access.

Hour after hour, hard-working petitioners tirelessly collect names for Jill in Illinois – names we need for the petition so we can get on the ballot in that state. It’s hot, difficult work in the summer months and we appreciate their efforts very much.

Here’s the thing: we’re having a hard time finding enough petitioners to get all the names we need. The Libertarian Party has locked up a lot of paid petitioners in the state. We’re scrambling to bring on board as many more petitioners as we can to get Jill on the Illinois Ballot.

Can you sponsor an additional petitioner so we can make sure Jill is on the Illinois ballot?


Here’s a picture of one of our petitioners named Shawn Beard. He braved 100° heat to collect signatures for us. It’s hard work, but our petitioners believe in giving Illinois voters a real choice.

For as little as $45, you can sponsor a new petitioner for 3 hours as she/he works in the hot sun, collecting signatures to help my campaign get on the ballot in Illinois.

Or, you can step up to the plate and sponsor a new petitioner for a full day for just $100.

We’ve collected 15,000 names, but we need 10,000 more to get on the ballot. And time is short—we need those names by June 27th.

Illinois is a crucial state for Jill’s success. It’s her home state – she grew up just outside of Chicago in Highland Park.

The 7 million registered voters in Illinois deserve to have a choice beyond the duopoly.

Also, the great news is that right now, your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar up to the first $250 by federal matching funds!

Would you join with me and sponsor a petitioner today, so we can make sure we get all the names we need by June 27th?

Anything you give up to the first $250 will be doubled by matching funds. You can double your impact by giving today. In fact, $45 turns into $90 – that’s SIX hours of petitioning instead of three. And $100 turns into $200–two full days of petitioning!

The 7 million voters in Illinois should not have to settle for the lesser of two evils when they can vote for the greater good with Jill on the ballot.

As Jill says, it’s in our hands! Please give today.

Gloria Mattera
Campaign Co-Chair

P.S. If you haven’t heard, our campaign is gaining traction. Jill is now at 4% in the polls, doubling in less than 3 weeks! More and more Bernie supporters are realizing that the Democratic establishment will knife him in the back at the convention, with more smears and underhanded rules maneuvers. You can count on that. Jill is the solid “Plan B” so they don’t waste their vote–and the polls are reflecting that knowledge.

P.P.S. More good news. According to insidegov.com, voters actually prefer Jill 3.8 to Hillary at 3.1!  If you can give anything, please do it today—don’t set this email aside. Give today! You can sponsor a petitioner and get your dollars matched at the same time! It will double your impact in June so we go into July stronger than ever!

Please Note: Merchandise and cash donations do not qualify for federal matching funds. Please donate through our secure website to ensure your donation is matched to the full extent allowed by law.

Paid for by the Jill Stein for President Committee

Gloria Mattera

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