Algernon D’Ammassa: Let the Libertarian and Green Party candidates debate

Gary  Johnson and Jill Stein

Las Cruces Sun-News
By Algernon D’Ammassa
June 5, 2016

The monopoly held by the Democratic and Republican parties rests on two premises that are rarely questioned by the political establishment or prominent journalists. One, that our two-party system is inherently better for its simplicity and maintenance of continuing political order; two, that our traditional parties, the GOP and the Democrats, are the institutions offering the best quality candidates.

The latter claim seems preposterous in 2016. The presumptive Republican nominee makes the fumbling George W. Bush look like a statesman. Donald Trump is no ordinary presidential candidate. The Grand Old Party is offering us our very own Silvio Berlusconi, but worse: a candidate so preposterously unsuited to wield presidential authority that, combined with the inability of Congressional Republicans to deliberate and govern responsibly, there is serious talk among conservatives of a new party. The Republicans may not have many election cycles left to avert the fate of the Whig Party it supplanted.

The Democrats, meanwhile, are poised to nominate Hillary Clinton despite favorability ratings that put her neck-and-neck in early matchup polls with a racist demagogue who thinks he can renegotiate the national debt and force Mexico to pay for a Great Wall of America. Given the choice between a “New Deal” Democrat in the vein of FDR who enjoys significantly higher popularity, the Democratic Party is bent on fulfilling the imperial prophecy of the ascension of Hillary Clinton, whose extensive record shows a ruthless fidelity to the interests of international capital; privatization, austerity, and mass incarceration; and a geopolitical view resembling that of Henry Kissinger.

Read the rest of the article here. 

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