Gloria La Riva and Dennis Banks win California Peace and Freedom Party primary, “urge Sanders supporters to keep fighting “

The following email was sent today from the Party for Socialism and Liberation:

“I am excited to have won the Peace and Freedom Party primary election, and look forward to winning the final nomination at the PFP convention in August,” said Gloria La Riva, presidential candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation who is running in California on the Peace and Freedom ticket along with legendary Native rights activist Dennis Banks, a cofounder of the American Indian Movement.

Please make an urgently needed donation to show your support for Gloria La Riva and Dennis Banks.

Commenting on the results of the hotly contested Democratic primary, La Riva stated, “The corporate media contributed to voter suppression.

“Calling the election for Hillary Clinton before many millions of people had the opportunity to vote shows a blatant contempt for democracy. In an effort to beat their competitors to the punch, the Associated Press essentially campaigned for Clinton, contacting superdelegates and trying to get them on record endorsing her.

“In recent months, the Sanders campaign has dealt blow after blow to the establishment as it surged beyond anyone’s expectations. Huge numbers of people across the country are making it clear that they are ready to fight back against the war-mongering, pro-Wall Street Democratic Party elite. There is no reason for his supporters to stop now.”

In the days leading up to the primaries, several militant demonstrations were held against Donald Trump and his violent, racist bigotry. Many supporters of the La Riva for President campaign and the Party for Socialism and Liberation participated in the events.

With California’s primary victory, La Riva commended her supporters, “I thank everyone who had confidence to vote for our campaign. We welcome your help in the coming months.”

La Riva concluded: “We will be with thousands of people protesting the twin candidates of capitalism at the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention. From now until November, we will campaign hard to let people know there is a socialist candidate they can vote for in the general election. For the millions disenfranchised by the system, the undocumented and non-citizens, the ex-prisoners, the poor and communities of color, we fight for their rights, too. Millions of people are determined to keep fighting for true, radical change beyond the elections.”

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