John Stossel: No, not Trump or Clinton. Voters really do have another choice

John Stossel (far right) moderating the Libertarian presidential debate on Fox Business

By John Stossel,, June 8th, 2016:

Finally! Voters have another choice. The Libertarian Party nominated two socially tolerant but fiscally conservative former governors, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.

Weld? Isn’t the former Massachusetts governor just another Republican?

He didn’t act like one when he and Johnson sat for an interview.

“This is the dream ticket for me,” began Johnson.

“He doesn’t look like a dream,” I responded rudely. “He’s not thought of by us libertarians as Libertarian.”

“Weld got the A from Cato Institute,” said Johnson, referring to the libertarian think tank. “Weld was declared the fiscally most conservative governor in the country … First day in office, Bill Weld furloughs 8,000 employees.”

I hadn’t known that.

“Nine percent of the state workforce,” said Weld, “and I never received a single postcard asking, ‘Where are those essential 8,000 employees?’ I cut the budget 14 percent my first two months. Piece o’ cake … I’d love to see the federal government receive cuts like that.”

Read the rest of the article here. 

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