Georgia Right to Life PAC Endorses Darrell Castle for President

Contact: Gen Wilson, Georgia Right to Life PAC, 770-339-6880

NORCROSS, Ga., June 9, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) PAC today announced its endorsement of Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle for President.

“America is in political and moral freefall,” said GRTL PAC Director Gen Wilson. “We need someone who understands our founding principles and truly respects the immeasurable value of human life. Darrell Castle is that person.”

Castle, a Memphis, Tennessee, attorney, has clearly stated his support for ending abortion, which has claimed the lives of more than 57 million innocent children since 1973.

“Some candidates support unlimited abortion, while others play word games to sound pro-life,” Wilson said. “It’s time to elect someone who will protect all innocent children.”

Wilson noted there is an extensive effort underway to get Castle on the Georgia ballot by June 30. She urged pro-life supporters to visit the Constitution Party of Georgia website, or call (404) 994.3586, to volunteer as a petitioner.

“Supporting a third party candidate is not a wasted vote,” Wilson said. “Abraham Lincoln was a third party candidate and Alaska U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski won her re-election as a write in candidate in 2012.”

Castle, a Vietnam War veteran who served with the U.S. Marine Corps, started his own law firm in Memphis in 1984. Since then, he has opened firms in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Detroit, Michigan; Kansas City, Missouri; and St. Louis, Missouri.

Concerning abortion, Castle believes the right to life comes from God and it is the role of the government to protect that right, not take it away.

“Our culture has been flooded with slick propaganda designed to cover up the truth about abortion,” Wilson said. “Darrell Castle sees through that smokescreen.”

Castle’s website states: “It is the nature of the State to seek dominance over the population. Freedom will not ultimately remain intact if we leave it unattended. America needs forward thinking leaders—leaders who do not apologize to the politically correct demands of the thought police. Self-hatred and appeasement only foster more disrespect. We must find a way to chart our course in the world as a free and independent people.”

Castle has also indicated his support for ending the Federal Reserve, the Environmental Protection Agency, and taking the U.S. out of the United Nations.

Georgia Right to Life promotes respect and effective legal protection for all innocent life from earliest biological beginning through natural death. GRTL is one of a number of organizations that have adopted Personhood as the most effective pro-life strategy for the twenty-first century.

Source: Christian News Wire

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