Prohibitionist Runs Strong In California

Jim Hedges, Prohibition Party presidential nominee, ran a strong race in the American Independent Party primary in California on June 7. The American Independent Party holds the largest third party primary in California and in a very competitive contest, Hedges collected 3,223 votes (10.8% of the total).

In addition, Hedges carried Lake County and finished second in Glenn, Modoc and Napa counties. Perhaps ironically, Hedges ran strongest in California’s “Wine Country.”

Some important things we can take away from California:

(1) The Hedges vote in this primary was greater than the total Prohibition vote in any National Election since 1988. This is true even though the party was on multiple state ballots in most of those elections. The best showing in three decades is nothing to sneeze at.

(2) Hedges ran a competitive race. The vote was tight and Hedges was in the thick of it. This is true even though most of the other candidates had campaigned in California in previous election cycles or currently live in the state.

(3) Jim carried a county. It has been several years since a Prohibitionist has carried a county in a statewide contest.

(4) It is proof positive that Prohibitionists can compete if they can gain ballot access.

(5) The showing in California will undoubtedly provide Hedges and the Prohibition Party a boost as the campaign winds through the summer and into the fall.

Party activist Don Webb spoke the feelings of all Prohibitionists when he said that they are, “Very proud of Jim.”

One response to “Prohibitionist Runs Strong In California

  1. Now that the Libertarian Party has self-destructed in Orlando, perhaps Jim Hedges is the best option for voters looking for a good presidential candidate.


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