Throwback Thursday: Jill Stein accepts 2012 Green Party presidential nomination

Throwback Thursday: For today’s Throwback Thursday segment, ATPR goes back in time to July 14th, 2012, when Jill Stein formally accepted the Green Party’s presidential nomination (videos of the acceptance speech below). Stein won in a landslide, as the following table from Wikipedia shows:

Green Party National Convention presidential vote, 2012[6]
Candidate Votes Percentage
Jill Stein 193.5 66.96%
Roseanne Barr 72 24.91%
Kent Mesplay 17 5.88%
Harley Mikkelson 3.5 1.21%
Other 3 1.04%
Totals 289 100.00%

The map below, also from Wikipedia, shows that Stein dominated nationwide:

Green = Jill Stein / Yellow =Roseanne Barr / Purple = Kent Mesplay / Green/Yellow =Stein/Barr tied

Upon winning, Stein gave her acceptance speech (6 videos total):

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