Duane V. Grassell: A Minor Party Candidate Worth Considering

By Duane V. Grassell, PatriotPost.us, June 13th, 2016:

In August 2014, I wrote a post asking, Is It Time for all Patriots, Conservatives, Christians, et. al., to leave the Republican Party? In this piece, I identified areas where the GOP failed to support and defend the Constitution by failing to be a viable opposition party to the most criminal and impeachable administration in our Republic’s history. Since the publication of this piece courtesy of The Patriot Post, the elected officials of that party passed an odorous budget bill that completely caved to the administration. They have been missing in action in from putting an end to the Trans-Pacific Trade Treaty, the Iranian Nuclear Deal or the allowing of predatory males, who for a moment could identify as transsexual, admittance into the restrooms and locker rooms of our daughters in public school. As a public school teacher, I will be addressing this issue in my next post. Also, the advancement of the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, which I wrote about the post, One Question That Should Be Asked For Every GOP Presidential Candidate…, is slowly being pushed forward without any media attention. During the primary season, the establishment of the GOP party leadership pulled out all stops in an effort to get any true conservative and defender of essential freedoms from achieving the nomination of the party. Their efforts have led to the presumptive nomination of a businessman who was the owner of a casino that went bankrupt.

In the 1st article I cited, I addressed the party platforms of the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party. Both of these parties are small government advocates that would make massive cuts in the federal budget if they should assume power. However, as I pointed out in the article, the Libertarians are small government advocates for those who are not of the Judeo-Christian faith while the Constitution Party is as our Founding Fathers were. The Libertarians still advocate a woman’s right to choose to murder her child through aborting her pregnancy over the right to life of the pre-born as well as the legalization of narcotic sales and consumption. The Constitution Party will not support these issues as they connect constitutional governance with sound Biblical teaching.

Read the rest of the article here. 

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