Reform Party member Rick Kasa Exploring Campaign in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District

June 9th, 2016,

Franklin County, North Carolina (for Immediate Release) – The chairman of the Reform Party of Franklin County, Rick Kasa, has announced he is exploring an independent bid for North Carolina’s Second Congressional District. This comes at the heels of a primary that saw incumbent George Holding, who does not live in the Second District, beat fellow incumbent Renee Ellmers.

Rick Kasa is a former small business owner that saw the recession sink his means to survive. His small property management business, which he dubbed “Kasa Industries” saw a lot of his middle and working class clients cut back as they lost jobs and income. He now works as a metalworker at Precisions Alloys Inc, and has seen how foreign competition and slow recovery has hurt business.

“When the economy is mismanaged,” said Rick Kasa “small business owners and working families are the ones that get hit the hardest, and someone has to fight for them. That is why I am running for office”.

Rick Kasa has long dabbled in politics, and is not a novice in the political arena. He has been working to reorganize both the Reform Party of North Carolina and the Reform Party of Franklin County. As a lifelong independent, until he joined the Reform Party two years ago, he has never been a member of either major party.

To manage his campaign, he recruited his long time friend and second district resident, Nicholas Hensley, the National Secretary of the Reform Party. Mr. Hensley has a long resume of political experience and accomplishments while running the external communications for a party that has a growing number of officeholders. Records show that he has worked in support of about one hundred campaigns, and has experience managing both campaigns and running political operations in the second district.

“I didn’t want to manage this campaign at first, but then I realized that Rick lives in this district,” said campaign manager Nicholas Hensley, “and that makes him more qualified to represent it then George Holding, because George Holding does not live here”.

For more information contact:
Nicholas Hensley

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