Gotham Greens: Building an Independent Political Movement of the Left: What is Our “Plan B”?



From, June 24th, 2016:

The Gotham Greens are sponsoring this free, open public forum which will explore the intersection of movements for social, economic and environmental justice in the context of the current political system. It will ask the question, “How can we build a political movement of the Left that is independent of the two corporate parties and that addresses the critical issues of the day?

The backdrop is the widespread dissatisfaction with the Democrats and Republicans (Sanders’ and Trump’s ascendancy, Hillary’s unpopularity, more people registering independent, calls for a third party, etc.) and, in particular, where will Sanders supporters go now that he’s committed to voting for Hillary.


The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center
208 West 13 St, Room 101, New York, NY

Monday, June 27th, 7 – 9 pm


Professor Richard D. Wolff, New School University:
Richard D. Wolff is Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he taught economics from 1973 to 2008. He is currently a Visiting Professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs of the New School University in New York City. Prof. Wolff has published many books, including Economics: Marxian versus Neoclassical (with Stephen Resnick), Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism and Capitalism Hits the Fan: The Global Economic Meltdown and What to Do About It. Since 2005, Professor Wolff has also written many short analytical pieces focused chiefly on the emerging and then exploding global capitalist crisis. Since 2008, Professor Wolff has given many public lectures at colleges and universities, at community and trade union meetings, in high schools, etc. Prof. Wolff also has a weekly radio show, Economic Update, on WBAI in New York.

Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report:
In the early 1970s, Glen worked as a newsperson in Columbus, Georgia; Atlanta; Washington, DC and Baltimore, where he created a half-hour weekly syndicated radio news magazine called “Black World Report.” In 1974, Ford joined the 88-station Mutual Black Network, where he served as Capitol Hill, State Department and White House correspondent, and Washington Bureau Chief, while also producing a daily radio commentary. In 1977, Ford co-launched, produced and hosted “America’s Black Forum” (ABF), the first nationally syndicated Black news interview program on commercial television. In 2002, he co-founded In October, 2006, Ford and the entire writing team left BC to launch, or BAR. Ford is a founding member of the Washington chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and has spoken at scores of colleges and universities.

Mark Dunlea:
Mark Dunlea is a co-founder of the New York State Green Party and has been a member for many years of numerous environmental groups and coalitions.

Jack Baldwin has been involved in a wide variety of antiwar and environmental organizations, including Shut Down Indian Point Now and Occupy the Pipeline. As a party activist, he has served in the Gotham Greens local, the Green Party of New York County, and on the State Committee of the Green Party of New York State.

Directions to the LGBT Community Center: The Center is located between Greenwich and Seventh Avenues, on the south side of West 13th Street.
Subway: Please take the A, C, or E train to 14 Street Station. Walk south from 14th Street on 8th Avenue, and turn left on 13th Street. Continue east on 13th Street until you reach the intersection of 13th Street and Greenwich Avenue. Cross 13th Street, turn left and continue east until you reach the entrance to The Center on your right.
Or, take the 1, 2, or 3 to 14th Street Station. Walk south on Seventh Avenue to 13th Street. Cross the street to the south side of 13th Street, and walk west, until you find the entrance to The Center on your left.

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