Peter Gaffney: Defecting Democrats, Trump and bitterness: Why Jill Stein just might turn November upside down

stein 201

By Peter Gaffney,, June 24th, 2016:

Unhappy progressives ditching the Democratic Party have the most to gain by voting Green

We’re in something of a lull in the news cycle now, with primaries over and the convention a month away. The presumed nominees are working hard with their PR teams to decide where they want the narrative to take us next. But there’s an unauthorized narrative that is quickly taking shape online: rumblings of defection from the Democratic Party, a surge in registration for the Green Party, and a serious bid come November by Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Is it true? Why not? Haven’t we already thrown the playbook out the window this year? Typically, the prospect that a left-leaning independent or third-party bid will spoil the chances of the Democratic Party is enough to unify Democrats behind their nominee in a general election. But this year is special.

For starters, it is special because Hillary Clinton is such a divisive figure within her own party, as much for the way she plays politics as the conservative policies that define her career, not to mention the scandals and cover-ups that continue to dog her campaign. As the joke goes, her platform may match Bernie Sanders’s on 95% of the issues, but her record matches Trump’s platform on 95% of the issues, and her issues match Richard Nixon on 95% of the record. Perhaps that is why Richard Armitage and others from the right are breaking ranks to endorse her. Win or fail – or win and then fail – Clinton offers a no-lose situation for neocons.

Read the rest of the article here. 

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