Andrew Stewart: Green Party filing papers today to put Jill Stein on the ballot


By Andrew Stewart,, June 26th, 2016:

The Green Party of Rhode Island, founded in March 1992 and one of the oldest Green Parties in the United States, will be visiting the Secretary of State’s office on June 27, 2016 so to submit their party’s candidate, expected to be Dr. Jill Stein, to be placed on the ballot in this coming election for President of the United States. Four long-time Greens, Glen Bennett of Warwick, Greg Gerritt of Providence, Kathleen Rourke of Providence, and Nick Schmader of Warwick, will be declaring themselves to be Electors to the Electoral College if the Green Party candidate for President wins the vote in Rhode Island this November.

Glen Bennett, who will be going to his first Green Party nominating convention this summer, noted “I am excited to start petitioning and we have seen an influx of volunteers as the time approaches to begin the effort. Dr. Jill Stein seeks to heal the ailing politics of the United States and is inspiring voters with a message of ecological healing, justice, and an economy that works in our communities, not just for the 1%.”

Read the rest of the article here. 

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