Independent American Party: Trans-Mania


By Zack Strong of the Independent American Party, June 9th, 2016:

There is no such thing as a transgender person. Humans are born either male or female. Their sex is defined by their biology, not by choice, consensus, or social construct. Gender is an eternal quality which does not, and cannot, change. Males have male parts, one X and one Y chromosome, and unique masculine character traits; females have female parts, two X chromosomes, and unique feminine tendencies. Surgery can change the cosmetic features of an individual, but cannot alter the fact that he or she is biologically, from birth, either male or female. Nor can the fact that we are spiritually created as either male or female be changed by altering our physical bodies or by slapping a new label on ourselves.

Yes, there are some rare individuals born with the (usually malformed) genitalia of the opposite sex. However, these are anomalies and occur as a result of improperly functioning chromosomes. These anomalies are not natural or normal, nor do they make individuals into another species or change their genetically determined gender. Regardless of the physical malformations, they are either male or female. Even in these rare cases, there is no choice involved in determining gender. No, physical deformity does not dictate one’s sex, nor does personal preference or medical intervention. In the case of so-called transgenders, they do not even have a deformity – they simply choose to pretend that they are the opposite gender.

This “trans-mania,” as I’ve called it, has been hyped by the media, which is a controlled wing of the power establishment that is hell-bent on our enslavement and eventual destruction. We would do well to look at definition of mania, as well as synonyms of the word, in order to understand what I’m conveying with this description. A simple Google entry defines mania thus: “Mental illness marked by periods of great excitement, euphoria, delusions, and overactivity.”

Synonyms of mania include: psychosis, insanity, lunacy, fetish, craze, obsession, compulsion, derangement, madness, etc. Yes, many Americans have become crazed and obsessed with their particular fetishes and psychoses to the point that, in their madness, they deny reality, nature, science, facts, and truth. They believe no laws or eternal truths apply to them; that all is relative or subjective. Gender, however, is not relative – it is eternal and fixed.

Read the rest of the article here. 

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