Green Party publishes appeal to Black Lives Matter supporters

From the Green Party’s website, June 28th, 2016: 


WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Green Party has published an appeal to supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, written by Margaret Flowers and James Lane, Honorary Co-chairs of the 2016 Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention.

The letter encourages “all people who care about protecting and empowering black lives to work with us to build political power outside the corporate duopoly through the Green Party” and invites Black Lives Matter supporters to attend the Green convention.”

The letter is addressed to Black Lives Matter supporters instead of the movement itself, out of respect for the movement’s nonpartisan nature and decision not to endorse parties and candidates.

Dr. Flowers is the Green candidate for the U.S. Senate in Maryland ( ), as well as a physician and political activist. Mr. Lane is a media activist and Green candidate for Public Advocate of New York City in the 2017 election ( ).

The convention will take place August 4-7 on the campus of the University of Houston in Texas ( ). Members of the media may register for credentials here ( ) as well as on site during the convention.

For more details about the convention, including a schedule of events, see this news advisory:

The full letter is below:

In her recent keynote speech at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City, Alicia Garza called out both the Democratic and Republican parties for failing to halt the growing hatred and inequality that target people of color in the United States and, we would add, around the world. Alicia noted the need to build power on many fronts, socially, economically and politically, in order to confront the status quo and create a world in which black and brown lives are valued.

We agree wholeheartedly with Alicia and the many courageous people who are struggling to end racist policies that perpetrate violence on black and brown communities through redlining, gentrification, disinvestment, criminalization, the drug war, mass incarceration, and more. We agree that we must disrupt the status quo and work together to build a new democracy in which black lives matter.

We invite all people who care about protecting and empowering black lives to work with us to build political power outside the corporate duopoly through the Green Party. The Green Party has been building political infrastructure at the grassroots level and nationwide for the past twenty years. Our candidates and leadership from the local to national levels reflect the diversity of the party. Our processes are rooted in democracy. Click here to learn more about the Green Party pillars and ten key values.

As co-chairs of the Presidential Nominating Convention (PNC) that takes place during the Annual Meeting, we want you to know that we welcome your ideas, participation and leadership. We invite you to attend the Annual Meeting and PNC in Houston this August.  At the meeting, we’ll have workshops on policy and issues, how to build the Green Party, running for office, and more.  We’ll select our presidential candidate, network with Greens from other countries at the international reception, show our talents at an open mic night, and after our candidate is confirmed, we’ll celebrate with a Party for the Revolution sponsored by our Presidential Nominee.

We also encourage you to get involved in the party and run for office at the federal, state, or local level.  Fill out the form below if you are interested in more information about the Green Party.

The Green Party is largely made up of people who care deeply about critical issues facing us today. We are activists for economic, racial, and environmental justice. We work to end wars and create positive alternatives in our communities. Greens have been elected to various levels of government and more than 150 are running in the coming election.

We want you to know that should you choose it, you will find a political home in the Green Party where we will work together for the changes we so desperately need.

Margaret Flowers MD and James Lane
Honorary Co-chairs of the 2016 Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention


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