Jay Stooksberry: Debunking the Myth that Gary Johnson is a ‘Spoiler’


Gary Johnson

By Jay Stooksberry, IVN.us, June 29th, 2016:

Spoiler alert!

Is it Perot? Is it Nader? No, it’s Gary Johnson.

Like clockwork, immediately following the introduction of a political candidate from outside the two-party system, pundits do not hesitate to discuss how this one individual will “spoil” the election of one dominant campaign.

Will Johnson pull his support from the fallouts created by the #NeverTrump or the #NeverClinton campaigns?

Johnson has already fielded the question several times since winning the nomination of the Libertarian Party. He was even backed into a corner during a recent CNN town hall event about his personal preference between the two front-runners. Sharing the sentiments of disenfranchised voters nationwide, Johnson stated he was disinclined to support either.

But, in reality, Johnson is not a spoiler.

Read the rest of the article here. 

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