Nancy Wade of the Illinois Green Party: 50,000+ Signatures Submitted!


From the Green Party’s website, July 1st, 2016:

On Monday, June 27, the Illinois Green Party submitted to the Board of Elections in Springfield more than 50,000 signatures of Illinois voters who want to see Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential candidate, William P. Kreml, ILGP Vice-Presidential candidate, Scott Summers, ILGP candidate for US Senate, and Tim Curtin, ILGP candidate for Illinois Comptroller, on the ballot in Illinois in November.

The number of signatures needed by law is 25,000. To survive a challenge we set a goal of 45,000.

Turning in more than double that gives us even more of a margin to survive a challenge.

I want to thank all the wonderful volunteers and paid petitioners who made this happen.

About two thirds of the signatures were brought in by volunteers. They went out in all kinds of weather, cold or sweltering heat, and asked hundreds of thousands of people, “Are you a registered voter in Illinois?” If the answer was “Yes” they asked, “Can you help me with a signature to get Green Party candidates on the ballot in Illinois?”

More than 50,000 people answered “Yes” and signed. They signed for lots of different reasons: because they agree with Green Party values of only accepting individual donations and of putting the environment first; they want to vote for Jill Stein and our other GP candidates who represent those values; because they are unhappy with the so-called “choices” the other parties are offering; or simply because they want to see democracy honored in Illinois.

But this effort isn’t over. There are five more days in which we could be challenged, until the end of the day June 5. If you can help by volunteering for data entry in our Petition Defender Project please reply to this email to let me know, or email me at .

We still have bills to pay from this monumental effort. Please support this and our ongoing work to elect Green Party candidates by donating.

Thank you for all your support of Green Democracy in Illinois!

Nancy Wade

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