Bill Maher interviews Gary Johnson

On July 1st, 2016, Bill Maher, host of Real Time on HBO, interviewed Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson. From TheWorldIsMine YouTube channel:

Real Time host Bill Maher had fun at Gary Johnson’s expense on Friday when the Libertarian presidential nominee tried to present his party’s views as hewing closer to the mainstream than Donald Trump’s. “When he started talking about going after 11 million undocumented workers, that’s just crazy,” Johnson said. “Not just Libertarians feel that way,” Maher replied. “All sane people feel that way.” “I think so,” Johnson said in agreement. “I think most sane people are Libertarian — it’s just that they don’t know it.” “Unfortunately, a lot of people who are not sane are Libertarian,” Maher shot back. “I saw your convention. The vision of government is somewhere between colonial Williamsburg and Atlantis. Their economic theory is like Mad Max takes your gas and you die.” Johnson recalled getting booed at his party’s national convention when he spoke out in favor of drivers’ licenses, but added, “I don’t think crazy is unique to the Libertarian Party.”

(Video length: 7 and a half minutes):

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