Congressional candidate David Earl Williams III: Third parties on the rise


David Earl Williams III (center, with wreath giving thumbs up)

The following is a July 1st, 2016 press release from independent congressional candidate in Illinois’s 9th congressional district David Earl Williams III:

3rd Parties on the rise & Join me in the Skokie 4th of July Parade

Dear Fellow American, 

I wanted to start this email off, by thanking everyone who donated to my campaign.

Because of your kind donations, we raised $78923.02.

Not bad at all, and we raised more than my 2014 Congressional run.

Please keep the support coming, and let your family and friends know about my campaign to make the 9th a better place.

Running as an Independent (3rd party candidate) isn’t so hard as it use to be.

We see in the 2016 election cycle, that the American people are hungry for more choices – besides Democrats and Republicans.

For example, my two new friends who are running for office – Claire Ball (Illinois Comptroller) and Kent McMillen (U.S. Senate).

These two lovers of Economic Freedom and Personal Liberty, are needed to uphold our Constitution and be the voice that’s not currently representing the masses in government.

Please check them out, and consider voting for them in November in their respective races.

As many of you know, I’m obviously no longer with the Republican party.

Since December 2015, I haven’t been active with NTRRO (Niles Township Regular Republican Organization)

I personally think they’re a great group of Patriots who in their own right, care for America.

I will say I’m disappointed at how the Illinois GOP never reached out (due to laziness, or apathy) to help NTRRO when it came to fundraising or canvassing.

When I was running as a Republican back in the 2014 election cycle, them and theArlington Height Tea Party were the ONLY Republican group who welcomed me with open arms.

NTRRO and the Arlington Heights Tea Party are good Conservative organizations.

I encourage those who are Republican to check them out.

With that said, I wish my friends at NTRRO and the Arlington Heights Tea Party, the best of luck.

Coming up this Monday, the Williams for Congress campaign and Libertarian Party of Illinois will be marching together in the Skokie 4th of July parade.

The Skokie parade begins at 12:00 pm noon.

We meet in the Oakton Community College parking lot at 11:00 am, Unit number 25 and Row G.

Hope to see all my supporters there.

Happy 4th of July!!!



David Earl Williams III


David Earl Williams III (center, holding flag)

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