Workers World Party presidential candidate Monica Moorehead: The police in America today “are carrying out a genocidal, racist war”


A banner for Monica Moorehead and Lamont Lilly, the presidential ticket of the Workers World Party

Recently, two article were published by Eoin Higgins about Workers World Party presidential candidate Monica Moorehead. The most recent one, from, July 1st, 2016:

How Monica Moorehead’s Political Upbringing Shaped Her Politics

Workers’ World Party (WWP) 2016 presidential candidate Monica Moorehead was born in Alabama in 1952.

“Growing up under segregation shaped my political outlook from a very young age,” she said in an interview in late June.moorhead

Moorehead’s parents were part of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The boycott was sparked by the arrest of Rosa Parks in 1955 for not giving her seat up to a white man. It would last 13 months; at which point the US Supreme Court struck down bus segregation policies as unconstitutional.

Both of Moorehead’s parents were professors at traditionally black Alabama State University.

“They were able to drive other black people around so they could avoid the busses,” Moorehead explained. “They were some of the only black people who had cars.”

Read the rest of the article here. 

Eoin Higgins also published an article on June 27th, 2016, entitled “It’s Alienation” Monica Moorehead of the WWP on Gun Control. That article can be read here. An excerpt:

Moorehead mentioned disarming the police. She admitted that the idea was controversial. She believes the police in the US are an occupying army, “especially for black and brown people, and indigenous people.”

Moorehead believes that the police in America today “are carrying out a genocidal, racist war” and that black and brown people are the target of that war.

The North Star’s Jim Brash earlier conducted an interview with Moorehead’s running mate, Lamont Lilly. From, June 16th, 2016:

TNS: Why and how were you selected to be Monica Moorehead’s running mate? I was selected I was told by my comrades based on my enthusiasm to reach out to the youth fighting police brutality, the workers fighting for $15 an hour and a union and for everyone in this country and around the world who are looking to change the system. I am most interested in reaching out to those who do not know about the kind of revolutionary politics out there that can shed a light in the darkness.

TNS: — How long have you been with WWP?

I’ve been a member of Workers World Party now since 2012. Funny, it’s only been five years, but it seems like a lifetime. I’ve learned so much. And I’ve grown by leaps and bounds in reference to how I think, politically—in reference to how I view myself as a tool of the people—in reference to how I conceptualize the broader movement.

Read the rest of that interview here. 

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