Constitution Party’s Don Shrader: A Time for Action to Prevent Mass Murders

We the People

A banner of the Constitution Party of Ohio, whose chairman is Don Shrader

The following was written by the Constitution Party of Ohio chairman Don Shrader and published on party’s website on Jun 17th, 2016:

The mass murder in Orlando, Florida this past week and in San Bernardino a few months ago continually reminds us that it is time to do something to prevent such horrendous events in the future. It is time to take action on a national scale to protect the American people against future attacks, whether by Muslims or by other religious or non-religious “nuts.” It is time to determine the root cause of so many Americans being murdered by such crazy people and put the blame squarely where it belongs.

First, as to the root cause of the problem. The primary cause is not that addressed by President Obama via his Executive Orders issued a couple of months ago, and wholeheartedly endorsed by Hillary Clinton and a host of others. Those Orders are also tacitly endorsed by the Republicans in Congress since they have taken no action to stop such unconstitutional edicts. (Once again, I will point out that it was the Republicans that brought us the Patriot Act with its Department of Homeland Security, as well as passed the recent massive budget that gives Obama the means for enforcing his unconstitutional edicts including adding 400 more enforcement agents without further Congressional approval.) Placing additional burdens and restrictions on law abiding citizens and businesses is not the root cause of the problem nor does it in any way resolve any facets of the root cause. As a matter of fact, it contributes to the root cause, making it even worse, if anything.

The root cause of the problem is not guns or the availability of guns for law abiding citizens but the lack of defensive weapons immediately available to those under attack where the shootings or other types of attacks (such as the use of knives, ball bats, or just brutes using their fists) occur. The history of mankind, from the time Cain murdered Abel, is one of immoral misfits and other heartless derelicts and bullies murdering, subjugating, and otherwise perpetrating crimes on morally upright law abiding citizens (think Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc.). This has been true whether it was high-ranking government officials, religious fanatics, or just brutal misfits roaming free within society. Our founding fathers recognized this and inserted the Second Amendment into the Constitution to ensure that ordinary citizens had the ability to defend themselves, their families, and others from those who would cause them harm, whether governmental or individual.

It is time to assess the root cause for most of the lives lost and bodily injuries incurred from these active shooter episodes within the U.S. and place the blame for the majority loss of life squarely where it belongs – and that is directly on the shoulders of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Mayor Bloomberg, and any others who have used and abused their governmental and other powers to remove weapons from ready access by ordinary citizens. Pick any of the mass murders in the U.S. in the last few decades, whether San Bernardino, Ft. Hood, Charleston, Newtown, or Aurora, or any of the many others that have occurred; IF responsible citizens had been armed and ready to properly retaliate against the active shooter, many of those who were murdered or severely wounded could have been saved. How foolish is it that twice at Ft. Hood, an Army Post where men and women who have been trained by the military to use weapons in armed combat were left defenseless by stupid high ranking military officials who refused to allow those same individuals to carry their weapons on-Post. The carnage will no doubt continue unabated as long as Obama and his ilk have their way; and the more gun control rules and edicts are legislated upon the law abiding businesses and citizens of this country, the worse the carnage will become for as long as the Lord tarries (Maranatha!!).

While there is no doubt that a perpetrator would likely get off the first shots in an active shooter situation, having armed citizens that would readily take out the shooter would save many lives during any future active shooter situations (and would have saved many lives in almost every one of the mass murders of the past several decades).

Considering that only once in the past several decades has an active shooter situation occurred where concealed weapons were permitted, it may well be that the number of active shooter situations would have been reduced and even more lives saved if the shooters had known that their attacks would have been short lived because others would have been able to quickly take them down.

It is time to place the blame for the majority of those murdered and maimed squarely on the shoulders of those who removed any vestige of self-defense from the hands of the citizenry. Whether it is Government politicians, high-ranking military personnel, or ordinary ignorant citizen groups (those ordinary “do-gooder” citizens actively opposing gun ownership because they lack understanding of the truth regarding the use of guns by ordinary citizens), we must openly and consistently charge them with willful negligence and malevolent loss of life of the innocent victims of mass murders!!

So, how do we stop mass murders in the future?

1. Repeal all laws that restrict ownership and carrying of guns and other weapons (including CCW laws) in any and all public locations with few exceptions (such as the jail areas of the sheriff’s office where inmates are incarcerated) by other than convicted felons that have not served their time. I agree that private homes and businesses should have the right to request that people, including law enforcement (with some situations excepted such as pursuit of a criminal), not be permitted to carry firearms in their residence or establishment although such businesses should be mandated to provide for, and assure, the safety of any individuals within their establishment to include payment of all expenses plus additional amounts for “pain and suffering” as determined by the courts of any persons injured or killed by another within that establishment. If a person is found to be armed in such a business or home, there should be no fines unless that person then refuses to leave the property at which point he is subject to trespassing. The “no carry” signs in business and other establishments such as churches that do not wish to allow citizens to be armed in their place of business or facility should also be required to be prominently displayed in “standard” locations stating that no guns or weapons are allowed and the business or facility owner assumes full responsibility for the safety of all individuals within that domain.

2. Encourage ordinary citizens to not only own and carry various firearms but also continually encourage them to become more and more proficient in their use. Encourage them to take courses that teaches and trains them how to react to an armed confrontation. Thus, in the face of an active shooter, it would be hoped that a number of citizens within “the crowd” would be prepared to react appropriately and quickly to take out the active shooter, thus saving countless lives that would otherwise be taken by the assailant. As my various firearm instructors, mostly retired police firearms trainers, have repeated numerous times, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!”

3. Finally, we need to teach self-sufficiency such that we understand that we, the people, are the primary ones responsible for our own security and safety. If we take such responsibility ourselves, then law enforcement officers are free to do their job. As has been stated in riot situations from Watts to Ferguson, “the policeman’s job is not to protect the citizens, it is to enforce the law.” It is heartening to see several local county sheriffs encouraging people to arm themselves in the wake of the San Bernardino massacre, noting that they do not have the wherewithal to protect the citizens from all such possibilities in every locale within their jurisdiction.

Instituting and implementing the three “simple” steps noted above is the most effective means we have available in the U.S. to prevent mass murders in the future. The sooner these actions are taken the sooner the killings stop. If they are not taken, the mass murders will only continue virtually unabated (note that I wrote and distributed this article the first time before the Orlando massacre). Our founding fathers understood these axioms and made provisions in the Constitution for certain unalienable rights to be incorporated into the very fabric of our existence. In addition, we all need to be very forthright and vocal about putting the blame for past and future mass murders where it rightfully belongs, on the shoulders of those who have taken away our ability to properly defend ourselves. Further, we need to actively and vociferously oppose those who have convinced us that we (the people) are incapable of defending ourselves such that we must leave that solely to the “professionals,” i.e., those who cannot be everywhere all the time. Our forefathers amply warned us about such attitudes. Ben Franklin stated, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” James Madison said, “The advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation … forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any.” This is true whether Government or terrorist. Unfortunately, we are slowly but surely relinquishing this “advantage” to the outcry of those who lobby vociferously to remove defensive weapons from ownership by what is termed ordinary citizens.

We, the people, must unequivocally demand our God given Constitutional right to defend our families, ourselves, and possibly others as the occasion may dictate without Government intimation or intimidation.

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