Don Shrader: The Response To “A Vote For Castle Is A Vote For Hillary!”


Don Shrader

By Don Shrader, Chairman of the Constitution Party of Ohio, published June 12th, 2016 at the Constitution Party of Ohio’s website:

As is continually the case, the Republicans this year will be espousing the mantra that, “A vote for Castle/Bradley in the 2016 Presidential election is a vote for Hillary.” That will certainly resonate with many voters who might otherwise be tempted to vote for the Constitution Party candidates running in Ohio as Independents because the Constitution Party has been denied ballot access by the Ohio Legislature via the 2013 Senate Bill 193. SB193 was aimed at taking Libertarian candidate Charlie Earl off the ballot when it seemed that Governor Kasich’s re-election was in jeopardy and “a vote for Earl would have been a vote for the Democrat.”

In 2012, we in the Constitution Party heard the mantra time and again that a vote for Virgil Goode (the Constitution Party candidate that year) was a vote for Barack Obama. Actually, if all of the votes for all third Party candidates in 2012 had gone for Mitt Romney instead, Obama would have still won by a 2% margin. The “third” Party candidates did not elect Barack Obama, the Republicans did by nominating Romney – a moderate at best, and many times more of a progressive/liberal candidate. The Republicans are the ones that drove off (and turned off) a lot of voters by their ill treatment of any contender that had a semblance of conservatism and ultimately by their shameful treatment of Ron Paul at their national nominating convention.

People I consider friends have asked me repeatedly things such as, “So how do you like your President thus far (i.e. Obama)?” knowing that I worked to get Virgil Goode on the ballot in Ohio and supported him for President.

While I have already heard people state a number of times that we need to exercise our right to vote this year, we just need to vote for the lesser of two evils. So how does one do that when one of the candidates is evil incarnate while the other candidate is an “expert” in accordance with the old joke that “X” is an unknown quantity and a “spurt” is a drip under pressure. Years ago, J. Edgar Hoover, the first Director of the FBI, wrote that one can only trust the Communists to be Communists. I see the same characteristic in the two “major party” candidates this year, i.e. “One can only trust Hillary to be Hillary and Trump to be the Donald.” Both are egotistic opportunists that can only be trusted to do what they believe seems to be best for him or her at any particular moment.

Thus, people have a real dilemma this year: Does one vote for the supposed “lesser of two evils” simply because he or she is petrified by the prospects of a Hillary Presidency following the recent eight years of disaster and destruction of our nation and our Constitution? Which then begs the question, at what point do we finally break the mold and vote for principle instead of “sliming” our vote because we are running so scared that we fear our own shadow – so to speak?

For years, even decades now, the Progressives have campaigned and voted based upon their principles, destructive as they are, and not because they were afraid the other guy was going to win. They have continued to have a positive outlook that eventually they would prevail while the “conservatives” – whatever that means these days – have often and foremost been supporting and voting for the “lesser of two evils” rather than supporting principle first and foremost because they have been afraid that the other “more evil” guy would win. How has that worked out for everyone!?!? TEA Party favorites like Michelle Bachmann and Rand Paul (among many others) totally caved during both the 2008 and 2012 elections rather than taking a stand against McCain and Romney based upon the supposed principles of those TEA Party favorites because they were absolutely petrified that Obama would win. So, how is that working out for everyone? In essence, the TEA Party “favorites” lost everything. As Peter, Paul and Mary queried in song, “When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?”

That being said, the mantra of a vote for Castle/Bradley is a vote for Hillary must still be addressed. I contend, “You are in error by such a statement.”

I recently corresponded with a couple that had shown a previous interest in the Constitution Party, asking if they were still interested. They replied that they are so disgusted with politics that they wanted nothing to do with any politics or political parties. How many others does this represent? During the past month or so,

I have had numerous people contact me saying they are done with the Republican Party and will never vote for Donald Trump. As such, I contend there are thousands upon thousands in Ohio, and millions across the country, that will stay home or not vote in the Presidential race if their only choices are Hillary and The Donald, along with the Green Party and Libertarian Party candidates.

I believe there are a multitude like I that want to vote for a candidate that truly reflects their values, or worldview as it is called. We want to vote for someone who is conservative pro-life and traditional family, pro-Constitution as originally intended by our forefathers, and pro-limited Government as initially intended.

Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley, the Constitution Party Candidates, are the only candidates of a nationally recognized Party (by the FEC) to meet that criteria. Having them on the ballot gives a positive choice to those who will otherwise not vote for any Presidential candidate or vote for one of the other third Party candidates as a protest-type vote to show their displeasure with the candidates of the two major Parties. Having the Constitution Party candidates on the ballot in Ohio, even as Independents, gives those voters who are like I and want to cast a positive vote for their principles of truly conservative Constitutional government. It is my desire vote for a Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate that:

ÿ Is truly pro-life from conception to natural death;

ÿ Is strictly pro-family in its traditional form as intended by our Creator

ÿ Will totally support and defend the Constitution as originally intended including the Second and Tenth Amendments;

ÿ Supports a strong military properly constructed in accordance with the Constitution and the intent of our founding fathers;

ÿ Will wholly protect American sovereignty including protecting our borders and working to withdraw us from the U.N. and its designs to establish an overarching globalistic government;

ÿ Fully supports limited Government and will work diligently to eliminate those agencies and departments that are unnecessary and unconstitutional, and will severely limit the intrusion of the remaining agencies into our lives;

ÿ Will defend the freedom of religion and religious expression as intended by our founders and protected by the First Amendment;

ÿ Will constrain the Judiciary to its rightful place;

ÿ Will work to do revoke the 16th and 17th Amendments thereby abolishing income taxes and the IRS as it exists today while reverting the Senate to originally intended role of protecting states’ rights and sovereignty.


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