NCPR: Green Party rising in the North Country?


Matt Funiciello and Jill Stein (Photo: Brian Mann)

By Brian Mann, (NCPR, in New York State), July 4th, 2016:

Not so long ago, the Green Party wasn’t drawing much serious attention in the North Country. Nationally, the party that embraces grassroots economics and strong environmental policies has struggled to win votes.

In 2012, a Green candidate here in the 21st district House race drew fire for making anti-immigrant comments on the campaign trail. Don Hassig was eventually disavowed by his own party.

But that’s all changed. Especially in the area around Glens Falls, the Green Party appears to be sinking real roots, running stronger candidates building what may be an enduring base of support. That’s likely to shake up this year’s congressional race in the North Country.

Read the rest of the article, as well as 49 reader comments, here. 


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