Chris Keniston: Veterans Party of America Logo Explained


Veterans Party of America logo (Image:

Chris Keniston, the Veterans Party of America presidential candidate, posted the following on his campaign website on July 5th, 2016:

Because it was created by people with a deep respect for military heraldry, the Veterans Party of America “Sam and Rosie” logo has many symbolic elements. If you’re curious about “what it all means”…here is the full explanation:

The purple circle with two gold bands:

The color purple Honors those which sacrificed of themselves and were awarded the Purple Heart.

The circle is continuous to represent our perpetual Duty to represent ALL Americans.

The two gold bands represent the value we place on our Duty to the People and the Honor of the sacrifices made.

Rosie and Sam represent the Hard Working People which built this nation and those Veterans which defend our nation and Constitution.

“United We Stand, Together We Win” represents the strength and resolve of the American People and the strength We The People have when we stop allowing ourselves to be divided.

The party name, Veterans Party of America, represents the founding of our party by Veterans, instilling those values acquired through by Veterans of Teamwork, Seeking Viable Solutions to Problems, Overcoming Insurmountable Obstacles, as well as Duty and Loyalty to the millions of Americans we may never meet but still represent and our willingness to uphold the Constitution at any cost.

The gold lettering represents the value of Americans standing united and the values which will guide us not to seek power or fame, but to restoring a representative government while keeping America strong-Strength Through Unity.

America is our special interest. The People are our leaders. The Constitution is the Law of the Land.

For more information about the party, its Platform, Candidates and Leadership, please visit:

Chris Keniston’s Facebook page can be viewed here. 

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