Washington Post: Gary Johnson is an honest but defective candidate


By the Washington Post Editorial Board, WashingtonPost.com, July 7th, 2016:

GARY JOHNSON and William Weld, the Libertarian Party nominees for president and vice president, respectively, brought their fiscally conservative, socially tolerant message to an interview with us Thursday morning. In some areas, their honesty and resistance to poll-tested polish have a certain bracing appeal. Mr. Johnson had no apparent qualms about calling for some politically dicey policies, such as raising the Social Security retirement age to “at least 70” and encouraging government programs that would test heroin quality in order to reduce the number of overdose deaths. He and Mr. Weld declined the opportunity to attack one of their rivals, Hillary Clinton, over her State Department emails, saying that FBI Director James B. Comey was right to recommend against any indictment.

Read the rest of The Washington Post’s editorial here. 

The Washington Post also released the full transcript of the meeting the newspaper’s editorial board held with Johnson and Weld:

FRED HIATT, WASHINGTON POST EDITORIAL PAGE EDITOR: Maybe we could start with the top news today, which is police shootings.

GARY JOHNSON, LIBERTARIAN NOMINEE FOR PRESIDENT: Oh my gosh, yeah! The Minnesota shooting.

HIATT: The Minnesota shooting. How do you react when you see these, one yesterday and another today?

JOHNSON: Well, I’m perpetually horrified by all of it. I do think that the basis for all these shootings really is the war on drugs – and I realize that drugs were not an issue in this particular case, but I do believe that that is the root of all this.

Read the rest of the transcript of the meeting here (a 62 minute audio recording is also available).

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