In interview, Augustus Invictus says he supports eco-terrorism and calls John McAfee a “total degenerate”

Updated: Max Dickstein, a contributor to, recently interviewed Libertarian Party U.S. Senate hopeful in Florida Augustus Sol Invictus; the video, titled “Libertarian Candidate Seeking to Unseat Rubio Calls John McAfee a Degenerate,” was uploaded on July 8th (volume should be increased, a partial transcript of highlighted quotes is below the video in this article):

Several highlights of the interview below, with quotes from Invictus in boldface and italics -KL:

At around the 3:10 minute mark, Invictus says, “I’ve had a rough life and I’ve done my share, and probably 5 other people’s share of illegal substances, but that is not why I oppose the War on Drugs.”

At around the 3:32 minute mark, Invictus says, “I might be a fan of John McAfee, he did endorse my opponent, but also he’s also kind of a total degenerate.” Invictus adds, about McAfee, “he’s got commercials with him banging seven hookers while doing coke, so it’s not like he doesn’t make that part of his persona.” 

At around the 15:25 minute mark, Invictus says “the federal government is clearly colluding with corporate interests to destroy the wilderness in certain places, so do I think they’re the best, most noble people on earth and we should worship them and allow them to do whatever they want with our environment? Absolutely not. Which is why I also support eco-terrorism.” Invictus then argues that the word is a “slur for people who take matters into their own hands” with regards to environmental issues.

At around the 17:46 minute mark in the video, Invictus calls Gary Johnson “a leftist at heart.” Invictus continues, “I think a lot of the things he says are totally antithetical to libertariansim.”

At around the 18:46 minute mark, Invictus says that ” I like Trump personally” and that “[Trump] is as American as apple pie,” but criticized Trump’s policies. Invictus stated that Trump “is talking about basically circumventing the Second Amendment, saying that anybody on a terrorist watch list or who’s under investigation by the FBI doesn’t have Second Amendment rights. And as a person perpetually under the investigation of the FBI, I am 100% opposed to that policy. So I can support him for president either.”

At around the 21:34 minute mark, Invictus says “If we weren’t giving billions of dollars a year in aid to Israel just to piss off everybody around Israel, it might go a long way for us” when discussing ways to fight terrorism.

At around the 25:12 minute mark Invictus says, in response to a question, “I don’t think I have to do anything for there to be violent revolution. I think it’s coming and Americans know that it’s coming, and that’s what terrifies them. For someone to be saying it publicly who’s in my position, that’s what’s terrifying. Because it’s something that we all whisper about inside our living rooms and people chat about it at the bars, but nobody’s getting on television and saying it. Certainly nobody running for public office. So for somebody to make that real, I think that scares a lot of people. But it’s coming. Believe that.”

At around the 26:15 minute mark, Invictus says, in response to a question about borders, “Libertarians have…and this is coming from a guy who probably has Aspergers, libertarians are a little autistic when it comes to that.” Invictus goes on to say “If there are no borders, there is no America, there is no England, there is no European Union, there’s just one world and you are a hippie. And this is not a John Lennon song, this is reality. There are borders and there must be borders.” 

At around the 27:24 minute mark, Invictus says “The other thing that I do mention habitually is I’d like you to think about, when somebody says ‘in the event of a revolution, the media outlets should be the first thing burned to the ground, because they’re the ones who spin the disinformation and they’re the ones who are going to turn the public against you’ maybe think about that when the media comes out with stories against that person, calling them a neo-Nazi, devil worshipper, whatever else comes out.” 

2 responses to “In interview, Augustus Invictus says he supports eco-terrorism and calls John McAfee a “total degenerate”

  1. Thane Eichenauer

    I am thankful that you took the time to transcribe this interview.


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