Matt Welch: The Libertarian Party Moment


By Matt Welch,, July 10th, 2016:

Taking the naked leap from the margins to the mainstream

It was the Libertarian National Convention’s moment of truth. After selecting Gary Johnson as the party’s presidential nominee on the second ballot, skeptical delegates—riven by a decades-old third-party conflict between purity and pragmatism—were now voting for a second time on whether to hold their noses and accept as their veep Johnson’s pick, the internally unloved but externally impressive former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld.

Weld, distrusted and openly booed by many of the assembled for his 1990s support of an assault weapons ban, his 2016 endorsement of Ohio Gov. John Kasich for president, and his 2006 broken promise to run for governor of New York as a Libertarian, had fallen a tantalizing eight votes short of the vice presidential nomination on the first ballot. Now the simmering conflict between the radicals and realists had burst out into the open, clogging the noisy convention floor aisles with sign-waving argument and prompting futile calls from the podium for decorum and quiet.

Read the rest of the article here.

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