Veterans Party Presidential Candidate Chris Keniston: “America Never Stopped Being Great”


Chris Keniston (Image:

Chris Keniston, the Veterans Party of America presidential candidate, wrote the following statement, which was published on on June 15th, 2016:

Everyday we hear politicians and the media complain about something being wrong with America. It never ends. It seems like America wakes up everyday to learn it has a new problem…or is failing to address an old problem.

They always have someone to blame for the problem. And always they have a proposed solution. The demand more government controls and restrictions on our Liberty. If we just surrender to their will, our country will be better for it.

If you’ve ever been, or known someone, in an abusive relationship…this constant harsh criticism, blame, anger and demand for control my seem eerily familiar.

We are led to believe that America is a dismally failing country that needs saving. We are led to believe that we must depend on major party elitists and their political class to save our nation from some looming demise. They need to make us believe it… because otherwise they are simply awful people that no one would ever allow to control our government. They need our permission to maintain that control, so they must convince us that we are too weak, fragile and helpless to survive without them.

Read the rest of Keniston’s statement here. 


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