Washington Examiner interviews Gary Johnson


Gary Johnson in 2012

From WashingtonExaminer.com, by Gabby Morrongiello and Sean Higgins, July 10th, 2016:

Gary Johnson, the former Republican governor of New Mexico, is the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential candidate and poised to make an impact in the national election. When he is included in four-way polls with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, he averages 7 points, according to RealClearPolitics.

Johnson is trying to build on his momentum by filling the void for a free-market candidate in this election, now that Trump and Clinton have embraced anti-trade economic populism. Johnson laid out his agenda in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

Washington Examiner: This is an unusual election cycle in which we have two major party candidates who are flatly running against trade. Can you give us your thoughts? The Libertarian Party is understood to be free trade. Do you think it should be complete and unfettered?

Read the entire interview or watch it in video form here. 

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